To the cashless payment fact-finding FTC Oct. 18 18:51


Regarding so-called cashless payments, the Fair Trade Commission says that when users transfer funds from financial institution accounts to apps and `` charge '', some financial institutions charge a fee from app settlement operators. Because there was an indication, we decided to start a field survey soon.

In order to prevent a drop in consumption accompanying the increase in the consumption tax rate from the 1st of this month, a cashless payment point return system for small and medium-sized stores has been introduced and its use is expanding.

Under these circumstances, the Fair Trade Commission has decided to conduct a transactional survey of financial institutions and operators operating QR code payment services.

In cashless payments using QR codes, users generally charge a certain amount of money from their financial institution's account to the app. At that time, the financial institution takes a fee from the app's payment operator. The

However, according to the parties concerned, some financial institutions that are also engaged in cashless payments, there are cases where it is suspected that it is not appropriate because the fee is set high for competitors. That is.

The Fair Trade Commission says that improper setting of fees may hinder competition for cashless payments, and will consider the necessary responses after compiling the survey results during the current fiscal year.