• Renzi and Salvini divided on everything except on Virginia Raggi: "Go home"
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  • Renzi reassures the Government: we have an interest in going ahead. "Priority to the Family Act"
  • Renzi: "Conte do what he wants but do not increase taxes"
  • Renzi to Conte: "We are not against the government, but against tax increases"


18 October 2019The first time since the departure from the Democratic Party and the birth of the new political movement. "It will be a Leopolda that will closely resemble those of the origins. A Leopolda of challenge, in which come the people who want to arrive and not those who have already arrived, in which there is no guarantee for anyone. A Leopold of the pioneers. Such as that of 2012, when we had already made ourselves known, but we were still, after all, outsiders ". To say it is Matteo Renzi, leader of the living Italy, in an interview with the national newspaper.

"Avoiding the increase in VAT - he explains about the maneuver - was and is a political duty. For families we will begin to do what until now has not been done. Minister Bonetti is very good, you will see her at work" .

"We will cancel the microbalzes in the classroom"
Renzi also explains what does not convince him: "All the microbalzes: from the sugar tax to the taxes on real estate transactions. We will cancel them in the Chamber. On this fact we think of it as the Cinquestelle. Coverage passes from cutting waste".

"Count? Rate of approval goes up but GDP goes down"
"If I say that Conte must stay calm - he then adds on the background that they want him committed to wanting Conte's head - no one believes it, the power of clichés. I tell Conte to work. Think of the future of Italy, not his own. Or to see ghosts where there are none: do what you have committed yourself to do and we will get along. Count has approval ratings that go up, but the GDP that goes down. The opposite happened to me: I was not sympathetic, but the Italy was better. I prefer this second version ".

"I don't want to fight with Franceschini"
"I entered the 'let's not fight' phase, I don't want to ruin the enthusiasm for the Leopolda" number 10 which begins today, said Matteo Renzi on Radio Anch'Io, commenting on the interview in which Dario Franceschini states that the leader of Italia Viva "will not do as Salvini". "I totally agree with Dario - Renzi says -, moreover, the whole bet of a government that invests in culture is our challenge, we are at his side, I have an absolutely positive relationship with him". "The government must work - continues Renzi -, I only did a small battle to avoid the VAT increase, which I hope will continue to be the goal of all".