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Joint forces advance in Dhala governorate and secure 4 strategic locations


Yemeni and southern forces have completed the operation of securing the liberated positions in the areas of Al-Kharazah, Habil Al-Abdi, Sabira and Merkhaza, northwest of Al-Dhalea in central Yemen.

Yemeni and southern forces completed the operation of securing the liberated positions in the areas of al-Kharazah, Habil al-Abdi, Sabira and Merkhaza, northwest of al-Dhala in central Yemen, while the Yemeni army managed to liberate the Malil and flour range overlooking the main road linking the town of al-Baqa 'and the center of Kataf Directorate. Sa'ada.

In detail, the joint forces and the Southern Resistance continued their advance in the central province of Al-Dhali, and were able to complete the liberation of the areas of the village of Kharaza, Habil Al-Abdi, Sabira and Merkhazza, which made them make significant military changes in the field, and strengthened the ranks of its quality presence in Al-Fakhir and its surroundings, all the way to the areas of Ibb Al-Sharqiya governorate.

According to field sources, in al-Dali ', the joint forces carried out a large-scale military operation in the areas of post-Sabira, and made the field progress is the largest since the beginning of the fighting eight months ago in the fronts north and west of al-Dali, leaving seven dead Houthi elements and the capture of 10 others, wounding The Houthi militias blew up the bridge, in order to hinder the progress of the joint and southern forces, after the failure of more than 30 offensive operations launched by the militias. Houthi militias on Moi Signed common, last week.

The sources pointed out that the elements of the Houthi fled from the areas of Hubail al-Abdi and Sabira, towards the areas of Oud, Beit al-Sharji and Azab, which are located on the road of the joint forces advanced towards the governorate of Ibb.

Yemeni and South Yemeni forces are now stationed in the triangle separating Al-Hasha and Al-Oud directorates, and their military vehicles have reached a 'liquidity of martyrdom', and have strengthened their presence in Wadi al-Zaylah north of Maris, where the combined forces are preparing to complete their liberation and enter the strategic Dmit district north of al-Dali.

The victories of the joint forces in al-Dhali prompted the Houthi militias to liquidate their field commanders on charges of retreating and fleeing the fronts.They executed their leader Abdul Razzaq Ali Sufyan, on charges of not following the orders of Musharraf Houthis of the Oud Front to move to fight the luxurious front.

In Ibb, two Houthi leaders in the governorate were killed, as part of the internal disputes of the militias, according to local sources, noting that two militia leaders were killed in al-Mukhader district in the north of the governorate, and others were injured by gunmen believed to be Houthi militias, in conjunction with the escalation of differences within their wings.

The sources added that unidentified gunmen fired a barrage of Houthi militia supervisor in the city of al-Daleel, director of the mukhadar, called Saad Mahrouq, and Houthi leader Amin Hassan al-Shabibi, appointed by the Houthi militia, the mabahith officer in the security department, which led to their deaths and wounding others.

In Taiz, Houthi militias bombed residential areas in al-Masbah neighborhood, causing civilian casualties, including children, according to local residents.

In Saada, a military source in the Kattaf Front - Al-Baqa'a, confirmed that the Yemeni army forces, supported by the Arab Alliance, managed to liberate the mountain flour chain overlooking the main road linking the city of Al-Baqa'a and the center of Kattaf Directorate, pointing out that the forces continued their advance yesterday in several areas In the vicinity of the main road.

The source pointed out that the Tawhid Brigade, which belongs to the Yemeni army, launched a four-day attack towards the positions of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia in Kattaf - Al-Baqaa, during which he managed to recover the positions that were controlled by the militias, and managed to liberate the mountain range of Malil, flour and Tabab surrounding the road. President between the spots and the center of the Directorate, stressing the deaths and injuries among the Houthis, including field commanders, during the recent battles.

Coalition warplanes continued to bombard militia positions and gatherings in Sa'ada, targeting positions at Rgafa point in Majz district, killing and wounding the Houthis, and bombing other positions in the Al Ali area of ​​Razih border directorate, and targeting reinforcements of Houthis on the main road in Shada district. Destroying military vehicles and killing and injuring a number of Houthis.

In al-Hudaydah, Iranian Houthi militias continued their military escalation in the city's fronts and areas south of the province, targeting mortar shells, heavy artillery and machine guns in joint positions in the area of ​​Duraimi south of al-Hudaydah.

The Yemeni joint forces thwarted, last night, an attack and an attempt to infiltrate the militias towards Hays, south of the province of Hodeidah.The brigade forces of the Seventh Giants fought clashes with Houthi militias with various machine guns and snipers, which lasted for hours in the eastern and northern sides of the Directorate.

Source: emara

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