IMF New Top Concerned about economic slowdown due to trade friction Oct 18 at 9:21

This month, Georgiewa, Managing Director of the IMF = International Monetary Fund, responded to NHK's interview and warned against the rise of protectionism that trade friction was pushing down global economic growth.

IMF's Managing Director Georgieva, who was appointed Bulgarian economist as the second-generation female leader this month, interviewed NHK on the 17th.

In this, Georgiewa, Managing Director, said the global economy said, “In the past year, trade friction in the United States and China has pulled the pace of economic growth. Global GDP will be reduced by 0.8%.” It was.

On that basis, the United States must “discuss disagreements and find ways to overcome the differences” on measures to add a 25% tariff on some EU-European imports, creating new risks. We appealed for the necessity of dialogue so that it would not be.

“After the Second World War, free trade has contributed to the elimination of poverty, the improvement of living standards and peace. Trade wars produce bad results in any country that accords with protectionism.” He stated that he was alarmed by the rise of protectionism that only prioritized his own economy.

On the other hand, with regard to crypto assets such as Facebook Libra, which is attracting attention as a substitute for currency, he pointed out the risks of protecting personal information and diverting funds to terrorist funds. “Technology has already opened up new avenues. “We must focus on ensuring safe operation,” he called for urgently creating regulations.