Explosion at the Afghan Mosque More than 60 deaths Terrorist attack or October 19 0:04

During a group worship service on Friday at an Islamic religious facility in eastern Afghanistan, an explosion that appeared to be a suicide bombing occurred, killing at least 60 civilians.

According to the Afghan government, in the eastern Nangarhar province, a series of major explosions occurred in a mosque that was undergoing a group service on Friday afternoon.

Due to this explosion, the ceiling and walls of the mosque were severely damaged, and according to the state government, at least 62 citizens have been killed and more than 30 people have been injured and received medical attention.

Local media reports that witnesses have conducted suicide bombings that explode explosives worn by men in mosques.

According to local police, there is a possibility that many citizens may be left behind in the rubble in the mosque, and the casualties may increase further.

So far, no crime statement has been issued, but in the eastern part of Afghanistan, the local organization of the radical organization IS = Islamic State has been active, and the anti-government armed forces Taliban have repeated terrorism and attacks In addition, the state where it cannot stop the deterioration of security continues.