EU withdrawal conditions go to vote in the British Parliament or move forward to leave the bilateral agreement October 19th 6:56

While the EU is less than two weeks away from the European Union's withdrawal deadline, the UK will vote on a special parliament on the 19th regarding the agreement with the EU on the withdrawal conditions. The British Parliament approves and it will be noticed whether it will make great progress towards the withdrawal under mutual agreement.

The United Kingdom has concluded an agreement with the EU over the conditions for withdrawal, but since approval of the parliament is required, a special parliament will be held and voted on the 19th.

Prime Minister Johnson is losing a majority in parliament, and approval requires more than 30 people in addition to the ruling and conservative parties.

In addition to the opposition parties, including the largest opposition and labor parties, regional political parties in Northern Ireland who are cooperating outside the cabinet are willing to oppose the agreement, saying that “it will impair the economic prosperity of the region”.

On the other hand, former conservative lawmakers who were expelled last month as they cooperated with opposition parties in voting on a bill on withdrawal, and some opposition lawmakers have expressed their intention to support the agreement. As a result, the results of voting are expected to be very small.

Prime Minister Johnson continues to persuade parliamentarians to add support and, on the 18th, in an interview with the public broadcaster BBC, “This agreement is a great deal and will advance the UK” Showed confidence in getting.

Attention is paid to whether the British Parliament approves this agreement over the departure from the EU, which has divided the country greatly since the referendum three years ago, and to make great progress towards the departure under the agreement.