Comfort women girl statue to be installed near the capital Washington Korean American group October 18 10:08

A civilian organization made up of Korean-Americans in the suburbs of Washington, the US capital, announced that it will set up a statue of a girl symbolizing the comfort women issue this month, which is likely to become a new concern as Japan-Korea relations cool down .

On October 17, a civilian organization made up of Korean Americans announced in Fairfax County, Virginia, near the capital, Washington, that a girl statue would be set up on the private property of a party related to the organization, and held a groundbreaking ceremony locally.

The group set up a statue next week, and on the 27th, a former comfort woman was invited from Korea to hold an unveiling ceremony. The representative of the group said, “The significance of this image looks back on the sad history of Japan and Korea, I will not forget the victims of the war. "

In the United States, similar statues have already been installed in southern Georgia and Western California.

Civic groups are seeking installation in public facilities in Washington, and the local Japanese embassy encourages local governments and others not to allow installation.

It will be set up in private land, but it is likely to become a new concern for Japan-Korea relations due to the installation of a girl statue near the US capital.