In a new development in the case of "Mohamed Ramadan plane", the Egyptian Ministry of Aviation, announced last night, the withdrawal of the pilot's license for life after allowing the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan to lead.

Mohammed Ramadan published a video of him from inside the plane, where he appeared sitting, then surprised everyone, saying "in an experiment is the first of its kind we will pilot the plane," and then left his seat for the cockpit, and sat next to the pilot of the aircraft, and exchanged with him talk and then grabbed With special equipment to lead the plane and take command.

The ministry said in a statement that on what was circulated on the media and social networking sites of the existence of a video clip showing one of the artists sitting on the assistant pilot on a private airline plane on a special flight for the artist, and pretending to take the plane, the Minister of Aviation Instructing the Civil Aviation Authority to conduct the necessary investigations to determine the circumstances of the incident.

The ministry said that based on the results of the investigation and after confirming the violation of aviation laws, the ministry has taken deterrent action on what happened.

The ministry announced the revocation of the pilot's license and the withdrawal of the pilot for life and not to assume in the future any work related to civil aviation, whether administrative or technical, as well as the withdrawal of the license of the pilot pilot for a year.

She also affirmed her confidence in the Egyptian airlines and their commitment to the application of international standards to achieve the highest levels of security and safety, as well as confidence in the professionalism and professionalism of Egyptian pilots and their commitment to legislation and laws that achieve the highest rates of air safety, adding that this incident is an individual act and does not indicate the lack of discipline and commitment of Egyptian pilots to international standards .