“We have significantly increased the number of requested quotas - 85 quotas for transplantation, 25 of them for allogeneic (from a donor), which is four times more than previously requested,” RIA Novosti quoted a spokesman as saying.

Earlier, the former deputy head of the Research Institute of the Oncology Center Maxim Rykov said that in 2020 the number of transplant quotas in a medical institution may be reduced from 26 to five.

On October 10, a commission of the Ministry of Health stated that there was no reason for dismissing the head of the Research Institute of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology of the Oncology Center Blokhin Svetlana Varfolomeeva.

As noted in the department, the claims of four cancer center doctors about harassment by Varfolomeeva are unjustified.

On September 30, the Izvestia newspaper wrote that children's oncologists accused the new leadership of the Blokhin Research Institute of bullying, threatening to dismiss them.