After the attack in Halle, the interior ministers of the federal and state governments have agreed on a comprehensive package of measures against right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism. The planned measures range from better protection of Jewish institutions to tightening gun laws. Much will require significantly more staff and money.

In their final statement, the interior ministers made it clear that Jewish life was inseparable from Germany. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) said it was clear: "Jews in Germany should never be afraid again, that is our historic responsibility and our common duty."

So Seehofer wants to work to ensure that Jewish institutions are guarded by more police officers. In addition, structural measures should offer further protection. Although this task falls within the province of the countries, they agreed to invest more. Seehofer therefore strives for a "joint action by the federal government and the federal states".

In addition, new units for the fight against right-wing extremism are to be set up at the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. In the conversation are good 400 jobs at the BKA and around 300 at the domestic intelligence service. Seehofer also demands effort from the federal states to build up adequate capacities.

Obligation to report hate speech and death threats

There is also agreement to introduce a reporting obligation for social network operators when hate comments or death threats appear on their platforms. For this purpose, Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht (SPD) wants to reform the Network Enforcement Act. Federal Interior Minister Seehofer announced that the Federal Criminal Police Office should in future play a greater role in the fight against hatred crime in the network.

There are also plans to ban other right-wing extremist organizations and associations, such as "Combat 18". The Federal Minister of the Interior and the Federal Minister of Justice also want to ensure that gun ownership is more strictly regulated, so that right-wing extremists are less likely to get weapons. The Minister of Justice advocates a check with the constitutional protection authorities before granting a weapons permit. Even extremist events should be more effectively prevented. They often have "a sporty, musical or cultural appearance," complained the ministers in their final statement.

Derniedeschächsische Minister of Interior and spokesman of the SPD-led in-house ministries, Boris Pistorius, emphasized the protection also of people who are committed to democracy: Even Kommunalpolitiker would benefit through the protection of §118 of the Criminal Code. Clause 188 of the Criminal Code regulates the protection of slander and slander against persons "in the political life of the people". However, the provision was mainly applicable to federal and state politicians, not necessarily to city councilors, district administrators or mayors. So far, the clause provides prisoners with imprisonment of three months to five years.

In order to speed up prosecution, prosecutors should be set up, Pistorius said.