Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar sheet for October 18, 2019:

42nd calendar week, 291st day of the year

74 days left until the end of the year

Zodiac sign: Libra

Nameday: Mono, Luke, Gwenn


2018 - The Bundestag agrees to the so-called bridge part time. From 2019, employees of larger companies will be given the right to switch from a part-time job to full-time employment.

2014 - The member vote of the Berlin SPD for the succession of Mayor Klaus Wowereit wins city development senator Michael Müller in the first ballot.

1999 - The German Dasa, the French Aerospatiale Matra and the British Marconi Electronic Systems sign the contracts for the establishment of a European space company. The new aerospace giant will be launched in May 2000 under the name Astrium.

1989 - At the insistence of the SED Politburo, state and party leader Erich Honecker resigns "for health reasons". His successor will be Egon Krenz.

1967 - The musical "Hair" with the music of Galt MacDermot and the lyrics of Gerome Ragni and James Rado premieres in an "Off-Broadway" premiere at the Public Theater in New York.

1954 - Texas Instruments launches the first transistor radio, the Regency TR-1.

1867 - The handing over of Alaska to the USA takes place in a solemn ceremony in Sitka. Russia sold its colony to the United States in March 1867. This official handover is celebrated today with Alaska Day.

1861 - William I is crowned King of Prussia (until 1888, from 1871 also German Emperor).

1502 - The University of Wittenberg "Leucorea" opens. It was built by Elector Friedrich III. founded by Saxony and today belongs to Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in Saxony-Anhalt.


1979 - Ne-Yo (40), American R & B singer, songwriter and actor (singles "So Sick", "Closer")

1949 - Erwin Sellering (70), German politician (SPD), Prime Minister Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2008-2017

1929 - Violeta Chamorro (90), Nicaraguan politician, President 1990-1997, wife of the 1978 newspaper publisher Pedro Chamorro

1919 - Anita O'Day, American jazz singer, became famous with the swing band of Gene Krupa in the 1940s, d. 2006

1919 - Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canadian politician, Prime Minister of 1968-79 and 1980-84, advocated a balance between French and English-dominated provinces, d. 2000


2009 - Nancy Spero, American artist ("Sky Goddess"), born. 1926

1994 - Eberhard Feik, German actor ("crime scene" commissioner Christian Thanner), born. 1943