• Report. Michelle Bachelet denounces "erosion" of the rule of law in Venezuela
  • Human Rights: The United Nations confirms that in Venezuela there is persecution against critics, political prisoners, extrajudicial executions and torture
  • Migrants: Venezuelan diaspora, an "avalanche" without limits

Venezuela has achieved in the United Nations what seemed impossible: to dispute and win Costa Rica a place in the Human Rights Council, despite the devastating report published by Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner. The Bolivarian candidacy surpassed the Central American by 105 votes to 97, thus obtaining one of the two posts destined for the region. The other position for the 2020-2022 period was for Brazil, which was running for re-election, by 153 votes.

The efforts of the continent to prevent it, with the presentation at the last minute of Costa Rica's candidacy, were not enough to snatch the post from the Government of Nicolás Maduro. The countries that make up the Lima Group, the United States, Canada and the EU, with previous complaints from human rights NGOs, strongly supported Costa Rica, which has a sound policy in defense of human rights. A country that doesn't even have an army.

The support of the Non-Aligned Movement, currently chaired by Venezuela, finally tipped the balance towards the revolutionary side. Among the African and Asian countries, the Bachelet report, which brings together thousands of extra-marital executions, continuous torture practices, sexual rapes, political persecutions and the collapse of health services, has not led to a diaspora that already exceeds five million of emigrants

"It is not unprecedented or unusual for a country that is highly questioned in human rights to be elected as a member of the Council at the UN. The election of Venezuela denotes that the Maduro regime is still capable of obtaining significant political support at the UN," he emphasizes from Washington. the internationalist Mariano de Alba. Countries such as Cuba, Iran or Iraq, in addition to Venezuela itself, have previously held this position.

"A shame that the Venezuelan regime accedes to a position in the Human Rights Council. The dictatorship is among the biggest human rights violators on the planet and is supposed to watch over them worldwide," prosecutor Zair Mundaray reacts. , currently exiled in Colombia.

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