The Government of the Russian Federation allocated 1.2 billion rubles from the reserve fund to provide assistance to Russians affected by floods in the Far East. The control over the effectiveness of the use of these funds is entrusted to the Ministry of Construction of Russia, which will have to submit a corresponding report to the government by February 1, 2020.

Most - 573.6 million rubles - will receive the Khabarovsk Territory. Of these, 527 million rubles were intended to provide housing for citizens who lost their homes as a result of the flood. The remaining funds will be allocated for the overhaul of residential buildings damaged during the flood.

Also, according to another decree, this region will receive an additional 40 million rubles for the payment of material assistance to flood victims. It can be counted on by citizens who have been injured in health (from 200 to 400 thousand rubles) and who have lost essential property (from 50 to 100 thousand rubles).

Recall that this list of essential necessities includes items necessary for normal life - a minimal set of furniture, including a bed, gas or electric stove, water heaters or heating boilers, dishes for cooking, cutlery, a refrigerator, a washing machine, an iron, lamps and others.

The rest affected by the flood, whose ordinary life was disrupted by a natural disaster, will receive 10 thousand rubles. EMERCOM of Russia will have to submit a report on the use of these funds by February 1.

The second largest subsidy from the reserve fund - 512.5 million rubles - is intended for the Amur Region. However, the share of payments aimed at restoring housing is higher in this region - 142.5 million rubles have been allocated for these purposes. The remaining funds will go to help those who have lost their homes.

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So, if in the Khabarovsk Territory a total of 7.8 thousand square meters are subject to restoration m of housing, then in Amur this number is four times more - 24 thousand square meters. m. Another 6.3 thousand square meters. m were destroyed by the flood, while in the Khabarovsk Territory this figure is higher and amounts to 8.1 thousand square meters. m

Jewish Autonomous Oblast will receive 116 million rubles. In this region 13.1 thousand square meters are in need of major repairs. m of housing, and not subject to restoration of 603 square meters. m. EAO will also receive 50 million rubles for one-time assistance to flood victims.

Flood Meeting

Note that on Wednesday, October 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting on flood management in the Far Eastern Federal District and the Irkutsk Region. It discussed the implementation of several orders that the head of state gave earlier.

“We must keep in mind that in this case we are dealing with people who are in trouble. And one must proceed from this, one must bear in mind that people have lost, maybe, everything that made up their small accumulations over their entire lives. And it is clear that they count on our help with you. And if there is no inner spirit for such an individual work with each person, then, then, those who cannot build their work with people like that have not got there. We need to do other work, ”Putin said.

Floods in the Irkutsk region and the Far East began in the summer. According to the governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Sergey Furgal, 448 houses, in which 1722 people lived, were affected by the flood. At the same time, the examination of 210 residential premises was considered unsuitable for housing, he stressed.

Despite this, Furgal assured the president that the region was ready for the heating season.

“The only thing we are waiting for is assistance on roads and infrastructure. And so basically everything else is under control, monitored daily. We don’t see any particular problems today, ”he said.

135 settlements were flooded in the Amur Region, Governor Vasily Orlov said. 16.8 thousand people were affected by the flood.

“To date, 742 houses or 889 residential premises have been recognized as affected, including 278 residential premises, 653 people lived in them, and were declared unsuitable for further residence. 611 residential premises, in which today 1571 people live, are under repair, ”he reported to the president.

The Governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region, Alexander Levintal, reported that all funds for lump-sum assistance to citizens in the amount of 10, 50 or 100 thousand rubles were sent to the victims - 6.4 thousand people.

“In our country, Vladimir Vladimirovich, 497 rooms turned out to be flooded. To date, we have already bypassed the commissions, the figure is close to 70% (what we watched). Next week, the interdepartmental commission is completing an inspection of all the premises, ”the governor reported.

According to him, of those houses that were inspected during the examination, 99 are not repairable, 54 were not injured and 173 need major repairs.

“1575 families have acquired new housing”

On the situation in the Irkutsk region, Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko reported. He said that the region has almost returned to normal.

“I wanted to report to you that, in general, all 135 settlements, 11 districts of the Irkutsk region, now all life activity has been largely restored, water, heat, and energy supply are working as planned, almost everything is connected in a permanent way, 29 boiler houses are running,” - He turned to Putin.

According to him, more than 2.5 billion rubles were paid to flood victims in the Irkutsk Region.

“In total, 2.58 billion rubles were paid. These are practically all the resources that we have allocated, they have been brought to the attention of citizens, ”said the Deputy Prime Minister.

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Mutko also said that it was issued 5.3 thousand certificates for housing. A total of 5.8 thousand of such applications were received, and re-checks are being conducted with respect to the remaining ones.

“Moreover, today 1575 families have purchased new housing: they have already purchased in other settlements, here, in three settlements, or have left for the Irkutsk region,” Mutko emphasized.

The city of Tulun was hit harder than other settlements. According to Mutko, various companies decided to support him - Gazprom will build a multifunctional complex with an ice arena, Rosneft - a modern school with 1270 seats with a swimming pool, and Russian Railways - two residential buildings and a school in the new district.

Other companies will provide various assistance.

Following the meeting, Vladimir Putin stated that the situation in the affected regions should be better than the current one.

“We imagine the whole front of work, it is quite large. And this front should be deployed as soon as possible, ”the president emphasized. - The situation in the regions affected by the flood should be better, maybe better and will definitely be better. After finishing the work, I will definitely check what the result is. ”