Marathon, racewalking, rushing to identify issues for Sapporo relocation discussion 18:15 on October 18

In preparation for a plan to move the marathon and racewalk venue to Sapporo at the end of this month as a countermeasure against the heat of the Tokyo Olympics, the organizing committee of the tournament will handle handling of sold spectator tickets and estimating new expenses We are urgently trying to identify issues for the future.

The IOC = International Olympic Committee announced a plan to move the Tokyo Olympic marathon and racewalk venue to Sapporo as a countermeasure against the heat, and President Bach announced that he had agreed with the Organizing Committee on the 17th. did.

Mr. Mori of the Organizing Committee said, “The organizing committee must compile the mindset of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Japan Athletic Federation,” and at the IOC Coordinating Committee from 30th of this month in the direction of implementation in Sapporo. We decided to discuss.

However, changing the venue at this time, less than 10 months before the opening, is extremely unusual, and the Organizing Committee has decided to quickly identify the issues.

Of course, tickets for watching the marathon at the new national stadium have already been drawn and sold, and the Organizing Committee has a policy of responding to refunds, but those who wish to watch watching even if they move to Sapporo The response to is likely to be the focus.

In addition, preparations will be made in most areas, such as securing operational staff and volunteers, and accommodation for athletes, and new expenses are expected accordingly.

In some cases, Chairman Mori is willing to ask for a burden on the IOC and decides to proceed to the coordination committee.