Since the beginning of last year, the Administrative Court has received over 3000 appeals from municipalities seeking compensation from the Swedish Migration Board. This shows Ekot's review of the courts' target register.

Hultsfred is demanding money for school barracks

Hultsfred Municipality is one of those who requested compensation for having paid for school barracks for asylum-seeking students.

According to the municipal council Lars Rosander (C), there are 44 cases that Hultsfred appealed to the administrative law and all cases relate to the modules.

Lars Rosander (C), municipal council in Hultsfred municipality.

- We rent modules for about 10 million a year. Previously, we received compensation from the Swedish Migration Board. But since the end of 2017 we have not been paid and these are the decisions we have appealed. Since there are many modules and the decisions apply quarterly, there will be many appeals, he says.

According to P4 Kalmar, the municipality of Västervik has appealed 129 cases and Oskarshamn 30 cases to the Administrative Court regarding state compensation for asylum seekers during 2018 and until October 2019.