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17 October 2019 "I wish to express to the speaker (Nancy Pelosi, ed) my greatest thanks for having welcomed me today to the Congress of the United States. This is a particularly welcome occasion for me, to find myself in the temple of the ancient and friendly American democracy. Friendship and the alliance that bind the United States and Italy are particularly strong and have deep and historical roots and have been developed, constantly reinforced by the action of the Parliaments which are the vital organs of our democracy ". The president of the Republic Sergio Mattarella said this when he met the speaker of the Chamber, Nancy Pelosi.

"I am happy to have met a bipartisan representation of the Congress, a symbol of the very strong ties developed by the Parliaments", adds the Head of State. "Nancy Pelosi represents a symbol of democratic values ​​and a symbol of female affirmation".

"Friendship and the alliance between us are stronger because they are strengthened by the relationship between parliaments", explained Mattarella, meeting journalists at the end of the interview and before the breakfast offered in honor of the Head of State. Mattarella greeted President Pelosi "the symbol of the contribution of Italian Americans" to the development and progress of the United States.

Nancy Pelosi: Italy's most trusted ally for the United States
Pelosi, for his part, expressed all his joy as an Italian American to host the President of the Republic and also expressed his gratitude "for the many of our soldiers that Italy hosts on its territory, having me a precise memory after a visit to the Vicenza base ". "I am here to say thanks to Italy, a friendly country that has very deep ties with the United States. It is a very strong ally, the most trusted for the US. It hosts our troops - the democratic speaker recalled - and we we thank you for this, we hope to work together to have ever stronger economic and political ties within the framework of strengthening the Atlantic Alliance in the broadest sense ".

Mattarella: Born cardinal, Italy-Usa together for stability
Mattarella then reiterated the "strategic nature of the relationship between Italy and the United States", ready to face the challenges of "today and the future with the aim of peace, stability, security and well-being". "The option for the Atlantic Alliance - which is still the cornerstone of our global security commitment - was a decisive step". "Italy and the United States, loyal allies, continue a common commitment that has crucial importance to bring stability to the most sensitive theaters - said the President of the Republic - Our role in the enlarged Mediterranean derives from the awareness that the sea represents a global frontier in which Italy is called to a frontline role, in coordination with allies and partners ".