The 58-year-old Josef B., who is detained on suspicion of deprivation of liberty of the family in Ruinerwold in Drenthe, is detained for two weeks. He is in limitations, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) says.

B. is the tenant of the farm where the family was found. Earlier on Thursday, sources report to several media, including RTV Drenthe, that he is a member of the Verenigingkerk, also known as the Moon sect. The father of the Drenthe family would also have been a member of this.

The police are again investigating the farm on Thursday. "All spaces are digitally recorded to get a complete overview". The forensic investigation department is supported in this by the National Unit.

Also on Wednesday raids were done in a toy store and a timber trade in Zwartsluis. The toy store, which was in the name of the father of the family from Ruinerwold until 2008, is currently for sale.


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