• Government divided on Quota 100 and work, Cdm postponed. Di Maio "No to war between the poor"
  • Manovra, Di Maio: priority to cut the tax wedge and minimum wage
  • Conte: "Ok to anti-evasion plan, but also to reduce bureaucracy. We bring Italy into the future"


17 October 2019 "There is no Budget law that makes the fight against tax evasion without prison with severe penalties for the great tax evaders, for us it is essential". This was stated by the Foreign Minister and leader of the Movement M5s LuigiDi Maio in a live Facebook. "Another tool to be introduced in the fight against tax evasion - said Di Maio live on Facebook from Washington, where he is on a state visit with President Sergio Mattarella - is the confiscation for disproportion". That is to say, he explained, "when he gets a great evader, one who makes false invoices over 100 thousand euros, he confiscates what he has not only for the amount of what he has escaped but also a little more, so it has something to lose a little more than the one who escaped and did not pay taxes ". "It is useless for the citizen to be terrified - explained Di Maio - because to make false invoices over 100 thousand euros it takes a certain engineering of evasion, recklessness and unscrupulousness".

"No to war between the poor, enemy is not a plumber or an electrician"
"I cannot accept that the state is weak with the strong and the strong with the weak. We cannot think that the symbol of evasion is the electrician, the plumber or the taxi driver. I am not going to start the war between the poor ", the minister affirmed in direct. "Italy - he added - has tens of billions of euros of evasion because there were subjects who brought millions of euros out of the borders and made them come back with a shield of 5%. We need tools to fight the great evaders" . So, for the Foreign Minister, "the cash limit is fine, the fines for the pos, but we cannot criminalize the categories, we cannot fight against the merchant. They are already oppressed categories. On the pos if we put the 30 euro fine we will find ourselves in situations where the trader prefers to pay the fine that commissions, it takes an agreement with the banks to lower the costs both on the user side and on the shop floor ".

"The same - he added - is true for cash. We have to go to a digitized country but whoever escapes with a sum of 4 thousand euros has two bills of two thousand euros. It is the cultural message that is important: for years now it makes the fight against evasion with the fight against receipts and the great evaders have been ignored We introduce prison and confiscation for disproportion and you will see how sums of tens of billions of euros of evasion will no longer exist ".

Budget law Monday in Cdm
"These are the days when you are writing the budget law that will probably be approved Monday in the Council of Ministers. It is very important, it concerns your life and the taxes you will no longer have to pay. We are working on it from morning to evening and there are already important results ", he continued.