Berlin (dpa) - In the Bundestag is clear criticism of the government plans, with which the working conditions of Paketboten should be improved. The AFD, the Left and the Greens, the bill by Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) does not go far enough.

The FDP, however, warned at the first reading on Thursday before to put the entire freight forwarding industry under general suspicion.

The law of the grand coalition is to oblige the shipping companies to pay social contributions for defaulting subcontractors. Many parcel carriers are employed by subcontractors who are under criticism for poor pay as well as for violations of labor law - for example, because they do not pay social security contributions. Salvation campaigned in the Bundestag for passing the law swiftly to restore "law and order on the labor market".

However, the FDP member Carlo Cronenberg (FDP) criticized the project punish honest entrepreneurs with additional bureaucracy, while the "wrongdoers" sent their deliverers into a precarious independence. In contrast, the other opposition factions consider the bill insufficient. The AfD parliamentarian J├╝rgen Pohl spoke of a "toothless paper tiger without effective control", Pascal Meiser of the left lamented significant "loopholes" that opened the door to the abuse.

Bill of the Federal Government