Since 2015, Orsa has not only managed to keep its budget, but the municipality has also made a profit. At most, it was almost SEK 28 million, 2017.

- We are very happy about it and it feels very good, says municipal manager Ann-Therese Albertsson.

One of the reasons why Orsa municipality has performed well financially is the refugee crisis in 2015.

- Then we got increased government subsidies. But we have also been restrained during these years, says Albertsson.

One of the reasons why the municipality was able to be restrained during these years is that the municipality had empty apartments and premises during the refugee crisis. This meant that they did not have to build new or rent from external players.

But according to the municipal manager, they have also managed to keep lower costs in elderly care, among other things, compared to other municipalities. They have also been careful about recruiting.

- Staff costs are a big part of the budget, one service is about 500,000, two services one million.

Make big investment

Earlier in October, the decision was made that Orsa Municipality will build a new retirement home - one of the municipality's largest investments in history according to Ann-Therese Albertsson.

- This is because we have had such a good economy and been able to save.

- To manage the economy, it's all about thinking financially all the time.

Here you can see how a hundred notes were used within the municipality of Orsa 2017.