In a resolution, the US House of Representatives condemned Donald Trump's withdrawal of soldiers from northern Syria. 354 MEPs voted for a decision and 60 against. Both Democrats and Republicans supported the resolution. It also calls on Turkey to end its military activities in Syria and asks the White House to come up with a plan to permanently defeat the Islamic State (IS) terror militia. The resolution is not binding.

During the parliamentary debate, republicans called the troop withdrawal "devastating" and "catastrophic." Democrat MEP Seth Moulton said Trump had taken "a party for dictators and butchers".

Trump himself sees no US military responsibility in the conflict in the region. "If Syria wants to fight to get their land back, it's up to them and Turkey," he said. "There's a lot of sand to play with." At the same time, he renewed the threat of devastating economic sanctions against Turkey if she did not stop her campaign.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry is currently preparing its own retaliation against the US for US sanctions over the offensive in northern Syria. This is announced by the Speaker of the Presidency, Ibrahim Kalin. In addition, the United States was clearly informed that there was no fire break in northern Syria and that Turkey would not negotiate with Kurdish militias.

Trump had issued after massive criticism of the withdrawal of US troops from northern Syria on Monday sanctions against Turkey and demanded an immediate ceasefire. Party-friends also accuse Trump of betraying Kurdish militia with the US allies and leaving Syria to the influence of Russia and Iran. Deputy Representative Mike Pence and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo in Ankara want to give President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan concessions on Thursday.