Älvstaden is an area on both sides of the river and it is a whole five million square meters. There, it is planned that 25,000 new apartments and 45,000 jobs will be built.

Photo: Vision picture: City of Gothenburg

- The vision was developed in dialogue with the Gothenburg citizens between 2010 and 2012 and now Älvstadendagarna is a way to have the conversation about Älvstaden, says Anders Svensson, responsible for coordinating work with Älvstaden at the City Building Office.

Pictures and models

The riverside days will be held at Nordstan in Gothenburg this weekend. Then pictures and building models will be shown and then there will be a panel debate on Gothenburg 2035.

Photo: Vision picture: City of Gothenburg

"It will be fun to show the Gothenburg citizens how far we have come and what is being built and planned in Älvstaden," says Ulrika Palmblad Gröön, city development manager Älvstaden.

Photo: Vision picture: City of Gothenburg

The five million square meters comprise areas on Backaplan, the Central Area, Frihamnen, Gullbergsvass, Lindholmen, Ringön and Södra Älvstranden.

Delays have been previously reported in the Älvstaden construction project and according to Johan Zandin (V), 2nd Deputy Chairman of the Building Board, this still applies.

- It is mainly parts of Frihamnen and Skeppsbron that have been delayed by one or two years. It should really be clear by 2021, just before the 400th anniversary of Gothenburg.

Bad land in Frihamnen

According to him, the reason for the delay in Frihamnen is that the land is poor and the plan for parts of the area has been redone because of it.

So it's not as good as it seems then?

- I think it will be a very good city eventually, and the idea is still to be ready by 2035.

Will people be able to afford to live in these homes?

- There is a decision that a certain proportion of what is being built in Frihamnen must be cheap rental rights so that all social classes can afford to live there, says Johan Zandin (V).