• Catalonia: sentences for separatist leaders. 13 years in Junqueras
  • Protests in Catalonia over the condemnation of separatist leaders: in Barcelona it is urban warfare


October 16, 2019The Catalans angry at the condemnation of separatist leaders clashed with the police outside the interior ministry of the region, in Barcelona. In the city it is the third consecutive night of unrest.

The protesters threw cans, stones and bottles against the agents, while the police used batons to repel the angry crowd, as shown in the images broadcast by the 24 news channel

Thousands of other people gathered in the main street of the regional capital for a peaceful demonstration. They launched rolls of toilet paper in the air as a sign that "so many things must be cleaned in the region".

The requests for the resignation of the Catalan head of internal affairs, Miquel Buch, have increased and condemned the protesters and defended the actions of the police.

The protests began on Monday after the highest judicial authority in Madrid imposed prison sentences ranging from nine to thirteen years to nine former Catalan leaders on charges of sedition, for their role in organizing the referendum for the independence of the 2017.