Invited to Europe 1 Wednesday morning, Bruno Retailleau, Senator LR of the Vendée, called to be firm with Turkey after launching an offensive against the Kurds in Syria.


Tuesday night, a rallying party, "save our Kurdish allies", was organized by politicians from different political parties. Elected representatives from right to left have expressed their support for Kurdish populations in Syria, targeted by a Turkish offensive launched last week. Invited this Wednesday morning, Bruno Retailleau, present at the meeting, asked that sanctions be taken against Turkey Erdogan.

"We are letting go of the Kurds"

"We must use the diplomatic means that we have available." By this fatal decision of Trump we are releasing the Kurds, "he denounced at the microphone of Europe 1." But they were the ones who made They were the ones who welcomed the minorities persecuted by Daesh in Erbil, in Syrian Kurdistan, I was there in August 2014. They were the ones who resisted, especially with women fighters, freedom".

The elected LR felt that measures should be taken to condemn the policy of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: "I think we would be well advised to take economic sanctions.When Vladimir Putin invaded the Crimea, we put in place economic sanctions, why do not we do it with Turkey? " Second proposition put forward by the senator of the Vendée: "It would be necessary to decree a zone of air exclusion above the north-east of Syria so that the Kurdish fighters could be at the same level of equality vis-a-vis the invader".

"You have to be firm with Turkey"

Asked about the blackmail exercised by Erdogan, who threatened the European Union "to open its doors" and send him "3.6 million migrants", Bruno Retailleau was firm. "History shows that we can not compromise on this blackmail, otherwise we have the dishonor but also the war.We must be very firm with Erdogan's Turkey because it understands only the balance of power. it is not only for the Kurds that we must do it, but also for us, because this action is promoting the resurgence of the Islamic state, and all the observers say it and see it. "

Referring to the situation of French jihadists held in prisons guarded by the Kurds, Bruno Retailleau said it was necessary to "send the most dangerous jihadists in Iraq". However, he felt that foreign terrorists should be judged where they committed their crimes: "I have been to Iraq several times and I have received testimonies of the atrocities of ISIS, when the crime is committed on a land, it is necessary that the crimes are judged on this earth ".