Cayetana had it all: smart, brunette, green eyes, tall, beautiful figure, good family, educated and studious. Even to approve, with only 26 years, a tough opposition A1 as secretary of municipalities. He also had a name and surname difficult to forget: Cayetana Marmolejo. Until the end of September, she was the secretary of the City Council of Jimena de la Frontera. Single and without children, at 30 years of age he earned about 2,500 euros per month, or 60,000 gross per year, as corresponds to a town hall of less than 20,000 inhabitants. More than enough to live comfortably in the province of Cádiz and afford their whims.

Today Cayetana is in pretrial detention and without bail in the women's module of the Botafuegos prison, in Algeciras, accused of money laundering and belonging to a criminal group. His downfall? Love: to her boyfriend, but also to luxury. Cayetana wanted to be the queen - consort - of the south and her ambition led her to disaster.

In the restaurant Troyano bar, one of the mentideros of his people, there is no talk of anything else. In La Linea de la Concepción is also the talk. What is repeated most is "so intelligent and so silly" to have been able to throw away everything he had, achieved based on his effort.

The Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit of the National Police (UDEF) places it as one of the main money launderers from hashish drug trafficking ... led by her boyfriend, Juan de los Reyes Muiño, of the Gypsy clan of Los Pelúos de The line. He is also charged, detained and in pretrial detention, as are his parents. So Cayetana and her mother-in-law are together in prison, in the same women's module. All the Police have uncovered a heritage of about four million euros, without receiving a single declared income, because except Cayetana, none work. All are accused of the same alleged crimes, although Los Pelúos have a history of drug trafficking, extortion and hashish overturns to other narcos.

The young woman led a double life that was, in reality, an open secret because of the origin of the wealth she presumed in her Instagram account, closed today, where she liked to show off. The couple went to Ibiza in summer, where they rented yachts and gave parties, enjoyed dinners watered with French champagne in reserved of the best restaurants ... Thus, the Police soon linked it to a criminal network in which it is not until the money laundering cliché: almost half a million euros in lottery prizes won in a short space of time.

Cayetana, it seems, can have power and money, even if they come from the dark side and have led her to avoid the oath she made in Jimena to comply with the Law when she took office as judicial secretary of the City Council.

Actually, his current partner, Juan, is not the first narco his life. He was already on the wild side before: for a long time he was the girlfriend of Samuel Crespo, Samuelito, one of the lieutenants of the Los Castañitas clan of narcos , who became famous throughout Spain for being whom his companions were rescued from La Line Hospital from band to gun hit.

18 meters in length. He has three closets in his residence, of six meters each. Garments of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Dior ... Good part without even releasing. There are 700 euros bikinis, 800 belts and 8,000 bags. NATIONAL POLICE

The story is known. Accompanied by the girlfriend who replaced Cayetana, they pulled from a motorcycle and fell to the ground when they were chased by the police. He, Samuelito, wounded, was transferred to the Emergency Department and then arrested. The narcos, with guns, went to the hospital to take him away, avoiding his arrest. Paradoxically, this event was one of the triggers that caused the Ministry of Interior, months later, to implement the UDEF of the National Police in the Campo de Gibraltar, the same tax crime investigation unit that has killed Cayetana in prison and has dealt a fatal blow to the Los Pelúos clan .

The UDEF strikes where drug trafficking hurts the most to suffocate it: in money laundering. "For the narco, it is much more painful for him to touch the money he washes than to intercept a rubber loaded with hashish," they explain to Chronicle.

But Samuel was already history for Cayetana when he copied the news and morning news of all Spain. She had a lot more status and had been with Juan for several years. His jump in the ranks was both qualitative and quantitative, according to the facts.Today, with the Castañitas brothers in prison, Juan de los Reyes Muiño El Pelúo is for the National Police the main hashish drug trafficker in La Linea. And for him, she was a 10. A gorgeous paya, with a pedigree and a brilliant professional career, compared to other girls not as perfect as she had frequented until he met her. In addition, it served him facing the gallery to try to explain in some way the train of life they carried ... Until the ostentation took them ahead. "Not even a Real Madrid footballer is able to keep up his economic pace," they explain to Crónica from the UDEF.

An only child, the beautiful Cayetana had been raised better than good. As a child she was very wrapped up by her paternal grandmother, Ana, while her parents worked. His father is Antonio Marmolejo, whom they familiarly call Nono, a historic leader of the Andalusian PSOE. He was delegate of Planning of the Line, parliamentarian and until recently, and for almost 20 years, advisor of the Chamber of Accounts of Andalusia at the proposal of his party. His mother, Almudena García, known in the town as La Bella, is dedicated to real estate businesses in Sotogrande and had a clothing store in La Línea that closed a year ago, to open it in the garage of his house.

The girl was never short of anything thanks to the high family income. Therefore, when her parents, separated a few years ago, realized the type of companies with which her daughter was related, they tried to separate her. It was in vain. In love, the courtship of Juan el Pelúo and Cayetana la Uñitas (he likes to exhibit them, in Rosalía's plan) was fully consolidated. The couple, who have been together for about five years, rented a villa next to Almudena's, and he ended up having a good relationship with her family. To the point that Juan "bequeathed to give the mother a car last Christmas," says a family acquaintance.

Cayetana began dating Juan ... and living dangerously. Not only because of his alleged criminal activity: a few summers ago both had a serious car accident on the Higuerón road, in La Línea. She had to have her spleen removed and she needs medication for life to prevent infections. Her father, Nono, had to take her in the afternoon to Botafuegos, the same day he was imprisoned.

the cayetana dressing room

Cayetana's impressive dressing room, in the Sotogrande villa that he shared with Juan El Pelúo, is already a test of charge. It consists of three cabinets six meters long ... each. It accumulates garments of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Dior ... clothes, shoes and accessories. Much is new, unused and with its labels. There are bikinis of 700 euros, belts of 800 and bags of 8,000 euros. The order, by garments, touches the perfection: the couple has an intern at home who takes care that everything can appear in one of those reports of the bible of the magazines of the heart. In those 18 meters in length garments accumulate for a value that rubs the million euros. Her dressing room is clearly impossible to justify legally for a girl who earns 2,500 euros and whose partner has not worked in her life. Cayetana made purchases online, with its card, on websites of luxury brands. But mostly he spent in the stores of Puerto Banús, in Marbella. There he used to pay in cash and sometimes asked for the bill. In six months he spent 22,000 euros. "It was buying for buying," says a research source. This is how Cayetana - allegedly - was laundering her boyfriend's money.

The police investigation has lasted a year. At the beginning of the investigation, what caught the attention of the researchers powerfully was the absolute absence of movements of the Cayetana bank card to face normal, daily and periodic expenses, such as refueling at the gas station, going to the supermarket or paying the hairdresser. Another suspicious fact? 90 percent of their purchases were paid in cash, so as not to leave a trace.

At his job as a civil servant, Cayetana arrived every morning in another acquisition, presumably, the result of money laundering: a black Mercedes GLC, today police intervened along with a Range Rover equipped to the fullest . It was tiptoed, thoroughly made up. Some in Jimena called her maliciously La uñitas for her careful manicures. «Her treatment was cordial, she is a nice girl. Reserved, but for a point of shyness. We all knew what there was, because Jimena is close to La Línea and we all know each other .... We sensed it, but not to this point that is known now, ”say those who know her professionally from the City Council.

On the right, Juan 'el Pelúo'. He is accompanied by Cayetana's mother, Almudena García, known as 'La Bella', the latter free of any accusation.

In addition to the impressive 18-meter dressing room, during the police search, they found strong sums of cash hidden. They entered several homes, and also registered the Bull Gym, a well-known gymnasium of La Linea, whose property is of a company put in the name of Juan's father.


The Police already had enough evidence of alleged criminal activity to make the first arrests: Cayetana, her boyfriend and her boyfriend's parents. But before the records, the three members of the De Los Reyes Muiño family prepared their escape. In fact, the Pelúos fled, but were convinced by their lawyer to appear at the police station: a search and capture order would be fatal. And right there, father and son, as well as the mother, were arrested. It was impossible for them to justify the millionaire heritage they treasured. "Everyone was talking about their life train, and they thought they were not going to get caught," they say from the UDEF, which has worked jointly with the Tax Agency in this operation called Toro by the name of the gym.

The arrest of Cayetana was in his place of work: in the City Council of Jimena, in the morning, and in full working day. The stir was capital. Neither resisted nor complained. The police took a statement. "It was well taught," say police sources of the investigation into Cayetana's statement. An infanta was made: she told the agents that she made a living, that she didn't know what her boyfriend was doing and that it had nothing to do with what he did or stopped doing.

A little over four years ago, his father wrote: «Dear friends, today is a happy day. I do not usually express my feelings here but my daughter Cayetana, after many efforts - two and a half years studying more than eight hours a day, every day except Sundays - has approved the oppositions for the national authorized group of town council secretary / auditors . He has taken number 24 after passing three hard exams and competing with graduates in Law and Economics from all over Spain. I think I'm going to get drunk today. I feel proud of her, ”he filled in jubilation.

In Botafuegos, the queen consort of the south has a model behavior: she fulfills her schedules and obligations as the best official and is calm, waiting for a trial that, if considered guilty, will probably cost her a prison sentence. And the disqualification, for many more years than it cost to approve the opposition.

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