In the Mexican municipality of Aguililla, thirteen officers were shot dead on Monday during an ambush set up by a drug cartel. Several policemen have been injured in the chaos, as the state prosecutor of the state of Michoacán outlines.

According to the prosecutor, the officers were met by at least 30 armed men from the Jalisco drug cartel.

According to AP news agency, the agents were on their way to search a home in El Aguaje, the place of residence of the presumed cartel leader.

They already had a bad feeling about the situation, according to AP, and therefore a total of 42 agents were divided over five vehicles. The agents, however, were unable to cope with the cartel's armored vehicles and their weapons, namely sniper rifles and assault rifles.

Some vehicles were also set on fire. Images show that these cars are completely burned out.

Murder investigations in Mexico at record levels

Figures published in January showed that the number of murder investigations in Mexico in 2018 increased by 33 percent to record levels.

Investigators opened 33,341 murder investigations last year. In 2017, there were 25,036 cases. That was also a record at the time.

The Mexican government is engaged in a fight against drug cartels. One of the promises of the new president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who was sworn in December, is to reduce violence in the country.