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The power struggles, the low instincts attributed by the Police and the multimillion-dollar patrimony of the Sala-Martínez family - with an annual turnover of 239 million and another 35 in real estate - came to light yesterday from the hand of the prosecutor José Llor in the first trial session for the crime of the widow of former CAM president Vicente Sala . Llor opened the assassination channel to the nine members of the jury court who have in their hands to assess whether the son-in-law of the deceased, Miguel López, is guilty or innocent. The Public Ministry was direct: «The crime was an execution» . Lopez, on the bench, made a gesture of disagreement.

Mari Carmen Martínez's son-in-law is facing a 24-and-a-half-year jail request for a crime of murder with alevosía and another of illegal possession of weapons . His defense requests free absolution.

Aware of the importance of having his arguments fit into the six women and three laymen in law that he will have in front of the next three weeks, Llor appealed his thesis against Lopez with forcefulness and determination. And he asked them «common sense» , that at this time they are able to apply the rules of human judgment. This assessment makes sense on the basis of his story.

The prosecutor wanted to make it clear that his accusation is based on evidence of evidence - there is no direct evidence - and validated it citing abundant jurisprudence of the Supreme. He also reminded the jury that the Asunta case ended in conviction through the evidence.

After illustrating to the popular court about his function, he fully entered into deploying the severe thesis he has maintained since López was arrested in February 2017, two months after his mother-in-law was killed with two headshots in the business laundry familiar that he ran.

"I am convinced that the accused is the author of this crime," the prosecutor started looking at the jury. Later, he went in search of the circumstances surrounding the murder. The prosecutor explained that the victim died "blind" with an agony that, he said, " lasted more than twenty minutes before he died bled ." And he sentenced: " This is a horrible crime and it is because it was an execution ."

Llor reduced the murder to a matter of money and power and presented López as an ambitious son-in-law who, he said, " sought to run the family business through his wife ." "Family relationships were not bad, they were very bad," he said.

The prosecutor put the jury in a situation. He reviewed the family gap that was at the expense of the management of the companies and wanted to highlight that before the crime there were two clear sides: that of the deceased with his only male son and that of the three sisters Sala captaneadas, as he suggested, by Miguel . "He was the one who wanted to direct everything." He then abounded in family conflict. « The parent company was expanded by Vicente Sala Jr. and despite that his sisters wanted to take him away from the business . That motivated Mari Carmen Martínez to make use of the gold action. She was outraged. He was afraid to leave the company in inexperienced hands and, for family safety, he separated his daughters.

These were, broadly speaking, the allegations that the Prosecutor's Office presented yesterday at the first session of the hearing. Today will be the turn of the private prosecution exercised by Vicente Sala son, represented by the lawyer Francisco Ruiz-Marco , and the defense, by Javier Sánchez-Vera . In his indictment, Ruiz-Marco was on the same line as the Prosecutor's Office, where he raised a fierce battle " for money ."

The brief, whose reading occurred yesterday in the Chamber before the intervention of the prosecutor, speaks of fierce family relationships and no reversing and Miguel López's fear of being taken off the powerful family business as the reasons that pushed him to kill His mother-in-law in cold blood.

In his opinion, the victim was an obstacle for López to reach his wife's estate. «María del Carmen Martínez is, in the eyes of the accused, the obstacle that separates him from his wife's fortune. For the accused, the death of the victim means that his wife (allied with her two sisters) will take immediate control of the Compañía Española de Resinas SL, a company whose assets only in real estate, reaches the figure of 30,095,991 euros ”, indicated the letter that was read.

On the day today, after the intervention of Ruiz-Marco and Sánchez-Vera, Miguel López will give a statement .


The defense of Miguel López stood yesterday at the antipodes of the Public Ministry's story and insisted on the innocence of Miguel López, whom he presented as a victim of the circumstances. "The accusations make a story, but do not present evidence." «There is no evidence because it has not been Miguel».

For lawyer Javier Sánchez-Vera, the accusations "accuse for accusing" and he understands that the facts may be due to an attempted robbery or revenge. For the defense it is clear that Miguel López is not the author, "it is evident that the murder was carried out by a different person."

"We will show that Lopez could not be at the scene," says the lawyer, since between the shots and the death of Mari Carmen Martínez spent a few minutes: "Before seven he was shot and seven died."

Finally, he pointed out that it has not been possible to prove that his sponsor had used a weapon, and that "without a weapon there is no crime and, therefore, there is no illicit possession of weapons," he added.

He admitted, however, that there was a family conflict, although Miguel was not only involved in it and that it was as virulent as the accusation tells. So much so, that he assured that the brothers have continued to negotiate and have reached an agreement on business assets. Thus, Sánchez-Vera announced that he will request a test to find out who the DNA found at the scene of the crime is, since it was shown that he is not his defendant and that they will present a report from the Novocar security company, in which ensures that in the dealership there have never been security cameras, there are only motion detection cameras,

Finally, he wanted to point out that Miguel López, these two years "unjustly accused" has been depressive disorder.

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