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One week from Turkey's invasion of Syria


Turkey will invade northern Syria and begin a military operation against hostile Kurdish forces. The Kurdish forces are behind ...

One week after Turkey's invasion of Syria Mixed situation Humanitarian crisis spread October 16, 5:53


Turkey will invade northern Syria and begin a military operation against hostile Kurdish forces. With the withdrawal of the American troops that have been backed by the Kurds, the Kurdish group has decided to collaborate with the Assad administration, and in a mixed situation, a humanitarian crisis has spread, with 250,000 people being chased.

Turkey has been in control of the towns and villages around the border as the army has invaded northern Syria across the border and has continued its military operations against Kurdish forces since 9th of this month as a way to eliminate terrorists.

In contrast, the Kurdish forces, following the withdrawal of the American army that cooperated in the extermination organization IS = Islamic State's sweeping operation, decided to cooperate with the Syrian Assad administration, which had been far away, and the Assad administration The situation is confused, such as the deployment of multiple troops in the northern towns.

The United States and other European countries are seeking Turkey to immediately stop military operations, but President Erdogan said in Azerbaijan that he visited on the 15th, `` The terrorist organization was wiped out and 365 million Syrian refugees who fled to Turkey became homeland "I will return."

According to the Syrian Human Rights Watch Team, which collects local information, more than 70 civilians have died and more than 250,000 people have been driven home.

In the week since the start of the military operation, in addition to humanitarian crises, there are concerns that the IS will regain its power by taking advantage of confusion, and the degree of confusion is deepening.

Additional sanctions in Turkey

North American Syrian invasion of Turkey on the 15th, based on an agreement with the Kurdish forces after revealing that the US military began to withdraw from the northeast to some media such as NHK The Russian and Syrian troops pointed out that they were deployed in this area and approached the Turkish troops.

The senior official said, “If Turkey wants to restore its relationship with the United States, a ceasefire is necessary. If this crisis is not resolved, the United States will further strengthen sanctions and other measures,” and if Turkey continues its military operations. He showed a policy to increase pressure by imposing additional sanctions.

Russian President's Special Representative "I have always tried to mediate"

The Russian government's special representative, President Labrenchev, who is in charge of Syria, visited UAE on the 15th in the United Arab Emirates. “Russia has always urged both the Syrian government and the Kurdish forces to engage in mediation.” Said.

In addition, after the invasion of the Turkish army, it was revealed that the Syrian government and Kurdish forces had directly negotiated at the Khumi Mim air base of the Russian army stationed in Syria, and will continue to be active as a backing of the Assad administration Stressed the attitude of being involved in

Russia argues that foreign troops without the Assad administration's consent should not be stationed in Syria, and urges US and Turkish troops to withdraw.

“Doctors Without Borders” Medical Support Activities Suspended

`` Doctors without borders '' who have been providing medical support in northeastern Syria issued a statement on the 14th, temporarily suspending most of the activities as the danger of the Turkish army invasion has increased, and foreign staff Announced to raise.

The “Doctors Without Borders” says that many citizens are being driven out of their homes and need help, and Syrian local staff will continue to work as much as possible.

On top of that, it calls on all relevant forces to ensure that humanitarian organizations can work safely.

Source: nhk

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