The Public Prosecution Service (OM) announced on Tuesday that it still saw evidence of manslaughter in the case against a man who hid a man's body in a crawl space in a house in Zwolle. Instead of three years, the public prosecutor demanded twelve years in prison and TBS.

The case revolves around the death of Deniz Guldogdu who died on February 7 last year. His body was found cut up in pieces in the crawl space of suspect Mark de G.'s home in Zwolle.

The G had reported Guldogdu missing, but finally admitted hiding his friend's body. He says, however, that he was not involved in the man's death. Goldogdu is said to have committed suicide in his presence.

The public prosecutor said in his request on 25 April that there was insufficient convincing evidence that suicide could be excluded. "The key question is whether I am convinced that the suspect killed the victim. For that question, I think the evidence is not sufficiently distinctive," the OM said.

Therefore, three years in prison and tbs were required for the removal and hiding of the victim's body.

The surviving relatives did not let it go and called in forensic pathologist Frank van der Goot. He ruled out suicide, after which the court ordered additional investigation.

Metal particle found in main victim

After hearing a weapon expert from the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI), the public prosecutor changed his opinion according to RTV Oost .

He stated that a metal particle was found next to the shot entrance in the victim's head. So there is probably steel between the barrel of the weapon and the head of Goldogdu.

The officer named this as the missing piece of evidence and therefore demanded a higher prison sentence against Mark de G. for killing Goldogdu.