According to Gunnel Jonsson (S), the decision is absolutely necessary as the forecast is 11 million back. According to her, it is not reasonable to have as many places as the municipality has today.

- We must reduce the costume according to our population. We have places that roughly correspond to a population of 5000 people when we are 2800, she says.

"Don't really know how they think"

But the Center Party and the Liberals are worried about the decision to shut down the Cottage. Partly what will happen with the short-term places but also in the future with the emergency care places.

- You do not really know how they think because now there will be a whole department here that will be dark and empty. The Västerbotten region will also save a lot of money, so it is the question of how they look on the entire upstairs here in the future, says Center Party's Åsa Eriksson.

In the clip above you can hear Gunnel Jonsson (S) tell us more about the decision.