• Injuries: Judge releases Diana Quer's father after being arrested for a complaint from his ex-wife
  • Chronicle: The new battle of the Quer told by a battered woman who has seen everything

Diana Quer's father, Juan Carlos Quer, has decided to extend, as elmundo.es has learned, the complaint he filed last Wednesday before the Civil Guard Command of Pozuelo de Alarcón against his ex-wife Diana López Pinel for "threats, attempted aggression and insults "to add a new accusation: that of crime simulation. This is the first time that the man decides to try to investigate his former partner for alleged false allegations of ill-treatment given that on the other nine occasions in which she denounced him for alleged ill-treatment, he did not decide to ask to be investigated by complaint. fake

Last Wednesday, Diana Quer's mother denounced Juan Carlos Quer for alleged gender violence. He accused him of hitting him on a cheekbone and trying to run over his vehicle in the parking lot of the home where Valeria currently resides. The man, after knowing the intentions of his ex-wife, decided to file a complaint for insults, attempted aggression and threats by ensuring that it was Diana López-Pinel who went to provoke him and seeks direct contact with him that he had been avoiding for six months. Juan Carlos Quer said he shouted 'I'm going to kill you, you are my daughter's murderer' and began hitting his car simulating an outrage. Despite his testimony, the man was arrested shortly thereafter as the protocol established by the Gender Violence Act was activated after he filed a complaint for alleged ill-treatment. The judge of the Gender Violence Court of Pozuelo de Alarcón decided to release him without a restraining order warning him that he would be investigated for the alleged commission of a crime of injury.

The public statements of Diana López Pinel revealing that her daughter Valeria takes drugs because her father has let her become independent seems to have ended up running out of patience that carried up to nine complaints for alleged ill-treatment that was finally filed. Diana Quer's father, contacted by this newspaper, has not wanted to make statements and has simply said that it is the courts that judge. "The truth cannot be stopped," he said.

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