Gusts of wind could be involved. An expert must go on site Tuesday to examine the carousel.

Four owners and operators of two rides at the funfair Firminy (Loire) were placed in custody Tuesday after the accident that killed a young woman, while a second is seriously injured, has we learned from police sources.

Experts are expected . A 24-year-old Firminy resident died and a 20-year-old was seriously injured after the basket in which she was more than 10 meters high was thrown to the ground around 9:30 pm on Monday. The youngest of the two victims, whose vital prognosis remains committed, was transported to the University Hospital of Saint-Etienne, said the firefighters to AFP Tuesday morning.

Four men owners and operators of the "" flying chair "" on which were the two victims and a nearby arena are in custody in Saint-Etienne as part of the investigation entrusted to the police at the departmental security Experts sent by the parquet floor Etienne are expected Tuesday morning Firminy to examine the two rings under seal to determine why the arm supporting the basket where were the two young women yielded, while gusts of wind were blowing intermittently Vogue des Noi, one of the biggest funfairs in France, will end on Sunday with a parade of floats.