The municipal director has also been reported to the police for trespass against the principal, but states that the procurement of the consultancy service was politically rooted in the municipal management. Something that was demented by Niklas Nordström.

The opposition, which also has members of the municipal council, also does not say about the consultancy agreements and points out that it is the responsibility of the municipal council's chairman, the municipal council Niklas Nordström.

The entire municipal council informed

Today, SVT can reveal that the local council has received information about the municipal director's budget deviations. But no one has responded to this. The Municipal Board is headed by Social Democrats and Niklas Nordström was chairman, now Lenita Ericsson is. But there are a total of 15 politicians from different parties who also received the information.

SVT's main task is to review the power holders and politicians but also to tell the public what politicians and power holders plan to do for the tax money so that citizens can have a chance to get involved in the political process before a decision is made. That's exactly what we've done.

Hatred and threats on social media

But the discussion has also been about something else, namely the comments on the media's Facebook pages when the municipal council resigns due to acute stress that is partly stated to come from the mood on social media. That is why I want to clarify how we work with social media.

On Facebook everyone can comment and interact with SVT and the platform is a way to reach readers and communicate about our journalism. There is no way for us to pre-modernize comments, but the editors go through them as they come in. We also have a moderation desk that goes in and insures that slander and violations do not occur. But since posts go straight out, we can't guarantee we will see posts before all other Facebook users.

In our articles and articles we journalists choose which voices to speak and we are sure to always let the counterparty comment on a statement. On social media we do not decide who should comment and therefore the comments can give a unilateral view of the opinion. As an example, there may be a hundred comments written by people who are against a political decision but no comments by those who are too. But that does not have to mean that there is no one for the decision. This is problematic when the tongue is hard. At the same time, social media enables a voice for everyone.

"Our most important task"

There are also nuances in what is written. Some pure hateful comments are removed, but criticism of how the municipality is governed must be allowed. Here, all adults have a responsibility to keep a good tone.

For a democracy to work, a society in which many people want to work politically is required. Tongue must not be so harsh that no one wants or dares to have a political mission. But in order for a democracy to work, there is also a need for media that examines power and reveals abuses in order for change and improvement to take place. That is our most important task.