In response to a complaint filed by the father of a child, the National Ambulance Chief Executive Ahmed Al Hajri said that the National Ambulance and Al Qasimi Hospital refused to help his child, that an emergency contacted the National Ambulance after midnight to rescue a child under the age of 50 in critical condition from Ajman. The case was not rejected by the National Ambulance or Al Qasimi Hospital after reviewing all incoming and outgoing calls by the specialized team on the same day, pointing out that the National Ambulance did not receive any refusal by the hospital.

He pointed out that the national ambulance when he received the call from the parents of the child last Saturday contacted directly with Al Qasimi Hospital, a quick procedure to find out if the medical staff and family are available to ambulance the case, and after 11 minutes the ambulance was at the child's home, and the team was waiting for the answer of Al Qasimi Hospital to bring the case However, the father of the child wanted to transfer him to a private hospital, which is not within the ambulance's national jurisdiction, and within 24 minutes the response from Al Qasimi Hospital came with the availability of bed, but the child's family took him to the private Al-Zahra Hospital in Sharjah, which made the national ambulance request canceled.

He continued: that the error may occur in some cases, pointing out that the hospital near specialized and able to treat the child's condition according to their list was Al Qasimi Hospital, stressing that their protocol refers to the transfer of the case to the nearest government hospital for them, and can not transfer to any private hospital only The availability of basic conditions, the most important of which is a contractual link between the private hospital and the national ambulance to avoid embarrassment when the material calculation, and not to charge the patient fees as the emergency, and transfer the patient to the nearest hospital, clinic or specialized government center and not private.

He pointed out that the child did not go to Al Qasimi Hospital because if the hospital accepted the case will be under his control to treat him, but the father of the child wanted to take him to a private hospital, which is not a national ambulance, pointing out that the national ambulance bears many burdens, as he moved during the current year 1242 cases of sickness by cars from a hospital, clinic and health center to other hospitals and clinics as a social and humanitarian service.

He pointed out that the national ambulance service to transport patients from the establishments or from homes or work sites and work is limited to that, and his tasks do not require the transfer of patients from one hospital to another, indicating that there is a circular from the Ministry of Health stating that any health facility licensed to provide an ambulance or be Contracting with a company dedicated to transporting patients.