The lawyer Marie Dosé, representing families of jihadists, calls on the government on the urgency to repatriate including women and children endangered by the Turkish offensive in Syrian Kurdistan.


Since the beginning of Turkey's offensive in northern Syria, about 800 jihadists or relatives of jihadists, mostly women and children, have fled a camp in which they were detained by the Kurds. Among them are French people, some of whom are represented by lawyer Marie Dosé, who are demanding their emergency repatriation.

"For now, these women and children, with whom I am in contact - at least the women - are on the road, alone, left to their own devices, two and a half hours by car from Turkey, 50 km from Raqqa, between the bombs, with kids who are extremely young, since two-thirds are under the age of 5. They are waiting for ... nothing, nobody, "asserts on Europe 1 the lawyer, who warns: "Except Daech, who will eventually find them."

"We are delivering them to Daesh"

Marie Dosé therefore appealed to the government. "France must hurry to organize repatriations there, right now," she claims. "Get a cease-fire from Erdogan, a few hours and a few days, and bring everyone back, otherwise it's dispersal."

And dispersion is also the risk of seeing a resurgence of Daesh. For Maître Dosé, there is urgency. "We know very well how the Islamic State was born, and where it was born, it was born there, in these prisons, in these camps," she recalls. "500 terrorists escaped from jails in Iraq in July 2013 to do what, and then obviously foment the attacks that hit us here in France and which wounded us."

And to hear it, the women concerned do not want to fall back under the thumb of Daesh. "I have some women who tell me 'I'd rather die than go back there', so what are we doing now?" lawyer.