The Syrian armed opposition and the Turkish army on Monday began an operation to storm the city of Manbij and its countryside east of the Euphrates in northern Syria, while the regime mobilized its forces in the vicinity of Manbij and took control of several areas, Ankara confirmed that it agreed with Moscow and Washington on the operation.

According to Al Jazeera correspondent that the Syrian opposition and the Turkish army took control of the first villages in the vicinity of Manbij in eastern Aleppo countryside, and that the Turkish army is paving the process with air strikes and artillery shelling in preparation for ground progress.

The Syrian opposition and the Turkish army have taken control of four villages and a hill on the Tal Abyad axis in Raqqa countryside, after confrontations with the "Syrian Democratic Forces".

A Syrian opposition leader said control of the city of Tal Abyad and large parts of its countryside had not met with widespread resistance from the SDF, which had resorted to fighting through tunnels set up inside homes and schools.

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The system intervenes
According to the SANA agency of the Syrian regime that units of the regime forces entered the town of Tal Tamr, which is located about 30 kilometers from Ras al-Ain in the northern countryside of Hasaka to face what it called the Turkish aggression, and approached about six kilometers from the Turkish border, also deployed units of regime forces equipped with With tanks and heavy machinery in the vicinity of the city of Manbij.

The agency also confirmed the entry of forces into Tabqa city, its countryside, its military airport and Ain Issa town in Raqqa countryside, adding that the Syrian regime's flag was raised on a number of institutions in the cities of Qamishli and Hasaka.

The Kurdish self-administration of the Syrian Democratic Forces announced in a statement, that it was agreed with the regime to intervene his army and spread along the Syrian-Turkish border.

"The administration has reached an agreement with Russia to hand over the city of Ain al-Arab (Kobani) to the Syrian regime," said Ismat Sheikh Hassan, a Kurdish defense official.

For his part, said Yassin Aktay adviser to the President of the Justice and Development Party of Turkey that his country is continuing its military operation "spring of peace" despite the announcement of an agreement between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian regime.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also said that his country has no problems in the peace spring process for the cities of Ain al-Arab and Manbij, and that it had contacts with the United States and Russia regarding these cities, noting that his country agreed a year ago with Washington to withdraw "terrorist organizations" from Manbij Within 90 days, which has not yet been achieved.

Erdogan said during a press conference in Istanbul that the Turkish army will not enter the city of Manbij and will only support the Syrian opposition forces and the forces of the Syrian tribes.