The project, which is one of several, is conducted in close collaboration with the Grängesberg Parks School and the purpose is to reduce the caries of the students.

Two staff from Grängesberg Public Dental Care will attend a school class each year for a five-year period. During the visits various activities are done to positively increase the knowledge about the negative effects of the sugar in the mouth as well as the body in general.

"The amount of caries among the children has increased"

Therese Berg and her colleague meet the children in grade two at the Grängesberg Park School once a month.

- We have seen that the amount of caries among the children has increased. We have chosen to follow the children for five years to see if the caries activity decreases as the children learn through play what sugar and nutrition do for the body and teeth, she says.

The project began in 2017, and is intended to follow the children up to fifth grade.

- We feel that the children think it is fun when we come, they have learned a great deal, they are very talented, says Therese Berg.