The government of Ecuadorian president Lenín Moreno is withdrawing the cut back on fuel subsidies. This after conversations between the native protesters and the president on Sunday.

The Ecuadorian government now wants to talk to indigenous leaders about a new fuel law that they both agree with. According to the authorities, this is necessary because the subsidies disrupt the economy and have cost the state 60 billion dollars (54.6 billion euros).

Arnaud Peral, acting as a mediator between the two parties on behalf of the United Nations, said on Sunday evening that the indigenous leaders will stop the protests in exchange for the subsidies.

The President's announcement is a major breakthrough in a wide week of fierce protests.

Several protests in the capital, Quito, had gotten out of hand recently. The security services have used tear gas several times. Four demonstrators were killed in clashes with agents. Hundreds of others were injured or arrested.

The government even moved away from the capital to the coastal town of Guayaquil because of the protests. A curfew was also set in the country on Saturday. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised holidaymakers to go to the South American country temporarily.


Protesters Ecuador pelt police with stones


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