The Conservative Law and Skill party (PiS) is no longer the majority in the Polish senate, according to the Monday following the final election results.

On Sunday it became clear that PiS has managed to retain the majority in the Polish Lower House.

The Polish opposition was already hoping for a majority in the senate in order to delay the decision-making process. PiS has come to be known in the previous parliamentary term as a party that is rapidly implementing laws.

The question remains, however, how much difference the opposition can really make with profit. Senators cannot stop legislative proposals, they can only delay them by sending them back to the Polish House of Representatives. The senate does appoint officials from various important state bodies.

PiS receives support from Catholics for campaigning against LGBTI people

PiS has been in power since 2015. The Polish economy has grown considerably under this regime. For example, disposable income per person has risen by around 20 percent in the last four years. Child benefit has also risen sharply. Moreover, Poland's unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the EU.

Because of the socio-economic policy, the ruling party is particularly loved by the Catholic part of the population and the Poles who live outside the big cities. In addition, the PiS is campaigning hard against the LGBTI community. The party depicts LGBTIs as "dangerous".


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