British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is running out of time. In two weeks he wants to have his country out of the EU. But his attempt to close Parliament during the Brexit negotiations was stopped by the Supreme Court. Members of his own party, the Tories, condemned his course. Since he expelled them from the group, he no longer has a majority in parliament. And the opposition has refused him a vote of no confidence, so he can not gather a new majority in new elections. He had to cash in on his announcement that he was going to hold a no-deal Brexit later this month - which Parliament had forbidden him to do. Only a five-day meeting break he was able to enforce - and that is over now. Five days before the EU Brexit Summit, Elizabeth II will introduce the government program with the Queen's Speech . Bettina Schulz explains what the chances for a timely Brexit agreement are, what Johnson will do if the deadline passes without a deal - and if there will not be a second referendum after all.

The implications of a region for a large tech group to settle have been evident in Silicon Valley for years: tens of thousands of high-paying software developer jobs, a vibrant culture and pub scene, and economic growth and prestige for the location. Which also includes: average rent of several thousand dollars. Nurses and teachers who move away because they can no longer afford the cost of living. Tent cities that house more and more homeless people. In Seattle, where Amazon has its headquarters, corporate boss Jeff Bezos, with over $ 100 billion in assets of the world's richest man, is blamed for many of these problems. TIME editor Caterina Lobenstein was on location and tells of the fight of the city councilor Kshama Sawant, who was herself software developer, against the superior power of Amazon and for higher taxes and housing promotion - wishes that were once described in the US as radical left, but increasingly become a majority ,

And otherwise? A collaboration with one of the most famous influencers in the world: sneakers with biblical content.

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