Tokyo Okutama Town About 100 people isolated due to road collapse Several months or 10/14 at 17:02

Due to the impact of Typhoon No. 19, in Okutama Town, Tokyo, the only road that leads to the Hibara area in the western part of the town has collapsed, and nearly 100 elderly people have become isolated.

If you walk along the mountain path, you will reach the district, but the road will be restored in several months.

In the Hibara area in the western part of Okutama-cho, Tokyo, there is only one road where people can live, but this road has collapsed for about 60 meters before dawn on the 13th. Was confirmed.

For this reason, 92 elderly people, including 54 elderly people living in this area, are in an isolated state.

According to Okutama Town, there is contact with the residents, so far there are no injured people or people who complain of poor physical condition, and there are stocks of food and daily necessities.

In addition, power failure continued in the district, but it was restored in the afternoon of the 14th.

On the other hand, in a few months take promising to restoration work of the collapsed road, it is that the car of the traffic is not set prospect can be resumed.

This area means that if you walk on the mountain road for about 30 minutes, the town will send goods through this mountain road and request transportation of goods by helicopter to Tokyo.

Mr. Naruhiro Amano, General Manager of Okutama Town, said, “Because there are many elderly people, I am worried about the town. I would like to consider how to support in cooperation with the city.”