It was during Sunday morning that the youth section was met by the damage at Örnvallen in Hylte. Doors stood broken at the gable and walls had been covered with scribbles.

The youth termination that would take place during the evening had to be immediately canceled.

- Ten youth teams were told that there will be no termination because we could not use the clubhouse. It's very boring, says Carina Åhman, chairman of Hyltebruks IF.

Four compounds hit

After the burglary in the clubhouse, candy, chips and a stereo were missing - but the football club is not alone in having been subjected to the damage.

A total of five different buildings on Örnvallen have been damaged, and thus also the Rheumatic Association, the athletics club Rydö Ask and Hyltes bouleklubb are affected.

"Unnecessary costs"

The incident is reported to the police and now repair costs and scrubbing are waiting for the club.

- There will be unnecessary costs. We are a non-profit organization that works for young people to exercise their football. You get sad, says Carin Åhman.