On Monday, Brigitte Macron will read the dictation of the association ELA in a Parisian establishment. She will be accompanied by Jean-Michel Blanquer.

Brigitte Macron is once again committed to sick children. She will read, Monday morning at 11am, in a Parisian college, the dictation of the association Ela, European association that fights against leucodystrophy, a genetic disease, a text of Goncourt Nicolas Matthieu, dedicated to the fight of children against the disease. Some 2,500 schools, colleges and high schools across France participate in this annual operation. The first lady will be accompanied by the author and Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer

The ear of the ministers . For a morning, Brigitte Macron will find her clothes as a teacher. Not in front of high school students, as she was used to, but facing a class of 6th. The first lady received this signed text of Goncourt Nicolas Matthieu Friday. She took advantage of the weekend to take note. "Health and education are subjects that are important to him," said his entourage. Records that she has the ear of her husband, to the point that some ministers have made it a habit to use her to pass messages to the President of the Republic.

Jean-Michel Blanquer, of course, with whom she will participate in the anti-bullying day at school in early November. But also Marlene Schiappa, Secretary of State for Child Protection Adrien Taquet, or Agnès Buzyn, who regularly exchange with her. Among her other commitments, Brigitte Macron travels to Clichy every week, where she chairs the educational committee of a school for adults without diplomas. The first lady has also succeeded Bernadette Chirac at the head of the yellow coins operation.