The conscience of a 34-year-old thief who stole jewelry from a shop in Toulouse, France, suddenly woke up, returned to the robbery site nine months after committing it and turned himself in to the police.

The thief repeated his confession of theft when he appeared on Friday before the criminal court in the French city of Toulouse, before he was sentenced to six months imprisonment, three of them suspended and undergoing a probation period of 18 months.

The thief returned at the beginning of the week to the jewelery store, from which he stole 12,000 euros worth of jewelry in January.

According to the site of 20 Minot French that the judges of Toulouse watch each week cases of this kind, but what is unusual is the return of the thief to the place of theft nine months after the incident and surrender himself to the police.

The last time the robber stepped into the shop was in January when he stole a box of rings, before regretting and repenting and confessing to the theft.

The shopkeeper was surprised and had an exciting moment after the thief returned and confessed to the theft, but summoned the police officers who arrested him and put him on trial.