Paris (AFP)

France is "worried" after the announcement of the escape of 800 foreign jihadists from the Islamic State (IS) group from a camp in Syria and once again calls on Turkey to "end its intervention as soon as possible" against Kurds, said Sunday the spokesman of the government.

"Obviously we are worried about what could happen and that is why we want Turkey (...) to finish as soon as possible the intervention that it started, that we have obviously condemned ", said Sibeth Ndiaye in the program" Dimanche en Politique "on France 3.

The Kurdish authorities on Sunday announced the escape of nearly 800 relatives of foreign jihadists from the EI organization, an IDP camp in northern Syria, near the fighting between Kurdish and pro-Turkish forces.

"I do not know, today, who exactly are the personalities who fled the camp, it was from the beginning of this armed intervention a concern for France", she insisted, mentioning the " French jihadists which we have always considered to be tried on the spot ".

"We have a diplomacy that is extremely active," said Ndiaye. She recalled that "the President of the Republic had the opportunity to exchange with Donald Trump to remind him what were the French concerns," and "the unanimous condemnation of the European Union vis-à-vis this unilateral offensive on Syrian soil ".

France first asked for a Security Council meeting at the UN, then a meeting of the members of the international coalition currently operating in Syria. "We have also announced that we will no longer provide weapons to Turkey," she said.

"There are already populations who are displaced, we can fear a serious humanitarian crisis on the spot," she added.

The fighting rages on the fifth day of a Turkish offensive that provoked an international outcry and resulted in the death of over 150 people, including some 50 civilians, and the exodus of more than 130,000.

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