He recalled that the United States withdrew from the INF Treaty, which was a mistake.

“Now we have almost the last instrument to limit the arms race, such an already serious arms race - this is START III. This is an agreement on the limitation of strategic offensive weapons, that is, the entire complex, the whole triad of strategic weapons: land, sea and air-based missile defense systems, ”Putin said in an interview with RT Arabic, Sky News and Al Arabiya.

The President emphasized that the agreement ends in 2021.

“In order for it to be extended, we must work right now. We made these proposals; they are on the table at the American administration. No answer. We understand that they have not yet decided, it is necessary to extend this agreement, as they believe, or not, ”he added.

As Putin noted, if this agreement is liquidated, then nothing will remain in the world in terms of limiting offensive weapons, which is bad.

“The situation in the world will be different. It will certainly become more dangerous, and the world will become more dangerous and less predictable than the one in which we live now, ”he concluded.

Earlier, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said that START III should be extended.

As noted in the State Department, the United States has not yet decided to extend this agreement.