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In Tunisia, nearly 7 million voters are called to the polls for the second round of the presidential election. The two finalists of the first round do not belong to the traditional political seraglio. An unprecedented poster that seems to attract voters.

This second round in Tunisia sees confront two candidates with the atypical profile. Retired jurist and academic Kaïs Saïed, who came in first with 18.4% of the vote in the first round on September 15th, is confronted by Nabil Karoui. This businessman got 15.58% of the vote even though he was in prison for alleged tax evasion and money laundering.

There has been a slight increase in mobilization for this poster of the sixth electoral meeting since the fall of Ben Ali in 2011. " The participation rate is expected to be better than that recorded in the legislative elections (October 6th) and in the first round of the presidential election. "Said Farouk Bouasker, member of the Independent Higher Electoral Commission (Isie). In the first round, at 1 pm on September 15, there was a 16.31% participation rate.

Vote in calm

Moreover, in the queues, several voters emphasize the importance and especially the symbolism of this election. For them, the vote as such is going well, no major incident reported in mid-day by some 6,000 observers in the country. Overall, the electoral process is applied to the letter. Each voter is first identified. He emerges, dipping his index finger in ink, an agent then gives him a ballot. You have to put four seals on the back, otherwise the vote is canceled. Then the voter goes to the voting booth to make his choice. He must tick off the picture of one of the candidates.

Candidates who both voted this morning in their respective neighborhoods. The closing of the polling stations in Tunisia is scheduled at 18 hours local time, 17 hours in universal time. The first estimates are expected in principle on the evening of this Sunday around 21 hours local.

This is an event for us, we are practicing democracy.

Voters' words in Tunis

13-10-2019 - By Bineta Diagne

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