Constitutionalist Kaïs Saïd is widely won the Tunisian presidential election, with 76.9% of the vote, according to an exit poll of the polls broadcast by the public channel Wataniya. These figures confirm the results disclosed earlier by the Emrhod Institute.

According to Wataniya's Sigma Conseil poll, sixty-one-year-old Kaïs Saïed is more than 50 points ahead of businessman Nabil Karouï, who was charged with tax evasion, who won 23.1 percent of the vote.

The Emrhod institute said a few minutes earlier that the jurist had obtained 72.5% of the vote, against only 27.5% to his opponent, Nabil Karouï. The publication of this poll, massively reported and commented in Tunisia, came about an hour after the polls closed, at 18 hours local (17 GMT).

No official result is expected before Monday, and no official on both sides wanted to speak.

Kaïs Saïed's team was preparing festivities in a hotel in central Tunis, and dozens of its supporters gathered in fervor at the foot of his local campaign.

"The people want Kaïs Saïd", "Long live Tunisia", shouted the crowd, singing the national anthem and slogans in favor of the candidate, while honking horns.

Kaïs Saïed, a jurist known for his societal conservatism but with still vague intentions, arrived at the head of the first round on September 15, with 18.4% of the votes, after a low-cost campaign consisting of multiple field visits and pages animated by supporters on Facebook.

His opponent, founder of the private channel Nessma TV, won 15.6% of the vote from his prison cell. Arrested in late August on charges of tax evasion, he was released on Wednesday night only, a few days before the second round, and continued.

Some seven million Tunisians were called to the polls to elect their new president in a democratic way, for the second time only since the 2011 revolution.

According to the electoral body, participation should be up from the first round, when less than one in two voters voted (49%).

With AFP and Reuters