Polish election Conservative ruling party to maintain power Confrontation with EU continues or October 14th 8:43

A general election on the 13th in Poland will be held, and conservative ruling parties that pursue powerful policies such as intervention in the judiciary are expected to maintain the administration, and the confrontation with the EU = European Union is likely to continue.

In Poland, a general election was held on the 13th due to the expiration of the terms of office of both houses.

Voting work is not over, but according to the exit survey of the local media, the congressional vote rate is 43.6% for the conservative ruling party "Law and Justice" and 27.4% for the joint party centered on the "civil platform" of the opposition party It is expected that the ruling party will maintain its power alone.

In response, the Kachinski leader of "Law and Justice" declared victory and said, "Good change will continue."

“Law and Justice” has come back to the government in the last four years of elections, and since then has launched a series of social security policies such as child allowances and pensions, and has solidified its support mainly in rural areas.

On the other hand, the EU is criticizing that it is against the principle of “rule of law” with respect to the sovereign policy such as intervention in the judiciary promoted by “law and justice”.