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Five gendarmes were killed last Saturday in Abarey, not far from the Malian border, in the region of Tillaberi. The gendarmes who patrolled to secure a weekly market were ambushed by about sixty men armed with motorcycles.

They were gendarmes of the rapid action group for surveillance and intervention (GARSI) who were attacked, a platoon of about thirty elements on a mission to secure the weekly market of Abarey, located 45 km northeast. of Abala prefecture, specify well-informed security sources.

It was when they returned to their base last Saturday that they were ambushed by some 60 armed terrorists, AK 47, RPG7 and M80 machine guns mounted on motorcycles.

According to news from the rural commune of Sanam, not far from this weekly market, the enemy left the population and attacked the gendarmes.

The attackers attacked the gendarmes by hiding behind women and children whom they used " as human shields ", which hindered the gendarmes in their response. According to testimonies, the gendarmes valiantly stood up to the Islamists who retreated in large the dead and wounded.

For 48 hours, gendarmes and soldiers raking the area. The attackers are none other than young natives of Amud Abarey and they have benefited from complicities, according to a senior official of the National Gendarmerie.

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